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power from unknown source [story]

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power from unknown source [story]

Post by Admin on Fri 18 May 2018, 3:50 pm

Episode 1
How it all started, i am 14 still in JSS3 third
term,am not all that brillian,i live with my
uncle's family even though i receive unhuman
treatment from them,that don't touch me as far i
eat and sleep in their house.
Today,after the heavy rain fall am still
wondering what type of rain is that,which can
uproot trees,it thunder lightenings can divide
the road into two part.
My mind flew to today action in school how i was
ganged up and beaten up by my classmates ,how
they all laugh at me while blood was gushing out
of my mouth,i shout out for help nobody heard
me although they took me to the place nobody
we hear my voice.
they all left me there and walk out leaving me
with half of my blood all already wasted,
that's all i remember then i die off
i felt like somebody have waken me up,i
remember what does guys have done to me but
my body is like someone who is just waking up
from sleep,no sign of pain,no sign of bleeding
from any part of my body,my body just fresh like
a girl 'hmm mysterious healing' i said to myself,i
just check my watchthank God it still in my bag i
look at the time'6:00PM sharp!, JESUS! so i have slept here for 4
hours because we dismissed at 1 PM and i receive
beating which i know is up to 1HR
I look at the sky,the weather is changing as if
rain want to fall, i just pick my bag and ran out
from the bush without looking back,
the way am running okada men were looking at
me as if i steal something ,sorry they don't know
the type of witch my uncle kept in his house as
My uncle wife know the time we dismiss from
school,so if she came back before me that means
am dead becos she always come back at 7:00PM,
so i have to run home like flash so that i can meet
up before her.
When i calculate the hours that it will take me
reach home i became weak when i have not walk
quatre of the place am going and the time is
i shout 'hey God oh' and start running again then
i start hearing my name
'kingsley,kingsley' i don't want to turn maybe
they are those witch people,i still hear my name
again but this time with my Nick name,
it made me to turn back even my uncle's childrendon't know my Nick name not to talk of my i turn back i see the most beautiful girl on
earth smiling at me,with the lights from the road
i can see her charming face more clearly but am
still surprise how she know my name,not even
that one but my nick name and she is even
smiling at me as if i know her.
omo maybe this is one nah OBANJE! o,omo i start
running again,this time i remove my sandals,i
look back no sign of that car,i continue running
because i don't trust those people especially that
mermaid that is shining her teeth at me.
With all this thought,i don't even know the time i
reach home,
I called the literate gateman,he respond and
quickly open the gate for me,i first all peep
inside the compound and look at my watch 7~45,
God my own don finish
GATEMAN: guy watin you dey for school the do?
madam dey wait with wan long wire for hand
ME:for watin nah?
GATEMAN:idoit you dey ask me? she come back
no see you maybe nah because rain wan fall that
y she go inside
ME:(vibrating and with pleasing face) so watin i
go do nah?
if the story make like and comment let
me continue
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Re: power from unknown source [story]

Post by Borokinni Taniu on Sun 03 Jun 2018, 9:28 am

I can't find the remaining episodes

Borokinni Taniu

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